• The Bayonet

    The Maneuver Warfighter Conference, a conference that provides a forum to address current and future issues affecting the maneuver force, is Sept. 14-17 at McGinnis-Wickam Hall.

    The conference represents all three maneuver disciplines present at Fort Benning - Infantry, Armor and Cavalry - and will focus on issues affecting the warfighting capability, training and lethality of the maneuver force.

    The theme for this year's conference is "Future Maneuver - Building Soldiers, Leaders and Formations that are Smart, Fast, Lethal and Precise ..."

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  • According to CrossFit.com, the original blog and main source for everything CrossFit, CrossFit begins with a belief in fitness.

    "We have sought to build a program that will best prepare trainees for any physical contingency - not only for the unknown, but for the unknowable," the blog says.

    Coach Greg Glassman developed the CrossFit fitness regimen over several decades.

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  • Efforts by Fort Benning's Directorate of Public Works Operations and Maintenance department will improve pedestrian safety around Benning Martin Army Community Hospital.

    Civil engineer for Operations and Maintenance Steve Vaughn said the need for improvements is due to the large amount of foot traffic in the area.

    "We heard a complaint and saw a need. We're trying to act as quickly as possible to help people (safely navigate the area)," Vaughn said.

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  • About 45 minutes from the main entrance to Fort Benning stands the perfect place for a day trip - Pine Mountain, Georgia, and its many trails.

    A few weeks ago my husband and I began looking for more outdoor activities that were dog friendly; with the weather finally warming up, we wanted more places to take our almost 100-pound puppy, Apollo, so he could let out some of his pent up energy. We found out about the Pine Mountain trails from a friend at the on-post dog park, and decided to give it a try.

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